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5 Anti-Diabetic Foods and Herbs

5 Anti-Diabetic Foods and Herbs

Diabetes is spreading very fast today. Diabetes is making people their victims all over the world. Apart from having a bad effect on the blood sugar level, diabetes also causes many other serious complications or health problems. The list of diseases caused by diabetes is long. It is important that the symptoms of diabetes are recognized and controlled at the very beginning.

The cause of diabetes can also be different. Diabetes directly affects the insulin levels in the body. We recognize that the list of diseases and the dangers of diabetes can be scary, but diabetes can be controlled and its dangers can be prevented.

You can do this by taking regular exercise, adopting the right diet for diabetes.

Diabetes can be controlled with the right diet chart and various anti-diabetic foods and herbs. We will tell you about similar anti-diabetic foods and herbs that can prove to be ways to control diabetes. However, a doctor must be consulted before making any dietary changes or consuming any herb.

Food and Herbs for Diabetic

When You Know You Have Diabetes (diagnosed with diabetes) and you are facing diabetes, then you need to take steps to control diabetes. Tips to control diabetes help a lot in this. So we tell you about 5 such foods and herbs that will help you control diabetes or diabetes and will also be useful in keeping blood sugar levels normal.

1. Bitter Melon –

Bitter Melon

    • Bitter Melon or Bitter gourd, also known as Momordicacharantia, is a medicinal fruit which is considered beneficial for some diabetics.
    • Karela is helpful in reducing blood sugar i.e. blood sugar level. Bitter gourd can be included in the diet in many ways, such as, by making a vegetable, even by making bitter gourd juice.
    • It is also important to know the nutritional value of Bitter Gourd.
    • Nutritional Value of 100 grams of bitter gourd contains about 34 calories with 13 milligrams of sodium, 602 grams of potassium, 7 grams of total carbohydrates and 3.6 grams of protein.
    • Bitter gourd activates insulin in the body, due to which the sugar present in the blood is not converted into fat and the body is able to use it properly.
    • Due to not converting sugar into fat, it also helps in reducing weight. Consuming a glass of bitter gourd juice in the morning helps a lot in balancing and regulating the blood sugar level.

2. Cinnamon-


    • Cinnamon is a popular herb, which has proved to be very useful for diabetic or diabetic patients.
    • Might be possible. It is a herb that is prepared from the bark of a tree. As we know that diabetes or diabetic patients have to avoid sugar, in such a situation, diabetic patients can use it as a sugar substitute to add sweetness to something instead of sugar.
    • This is the reason why it is quite popular among type-2 diabetics. Cinnamon is good in many ways.
    • It helps in improving the levels of glucose, digestion, insulin, insulin sensitivity, blood pressure levels, antioxidant status and many others.

3. Fenugreek –


  • It is rich in fiber and chemicals, which help in digestion by reducing carbohydrate and blood sugar levels.
  • Researchers have found that consuming fenugreek in the right amounts helps in lowering cholesterol levels and also helps in increasing insulin levels, thereby reducing blood sugar levels.
  • Fenugreek can be consumed in many different ways such as mixing it with hot water, adding it as an herb to certain foods, grinding it or consuming it in powdered form.

4. Ginger-


  • Ginger has long been used as a medicine to cure many diseases.
  • It may prove to be very effective in managing diabetes. It is helpful in controlling blood sugar level as well as controlling insulin level.
  • It does not allow the insulin level to drop. Many researches have proved that ginger is a very effective anti-diabetic food.
  • You can also include ginger in your diet in many ways. You can make ginger tea, add it to a vegetable or add it to any juice.

5. Aloevera-


  • Everyone knows the benefits of aloe Vera for the skin, but do you know that aloe vera is also very beneficial in type-2 diabetes.
  • Aloe vera helps protect and repair insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas.
  • This herb is rich in antioxidants.
  • Aloe vera can be consumed either in capsule form, or by adding the juiced pulp to smoothies or drinks.
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