An anal fistula is a small tunnel like structure that connects an abscess or any of the infected glands inside the anus on the skin surrounding anus. There are numerous glands present inside the anus. When infection occurs in any of the gland, there occurs an abscess. Near about half of the anal abscesses develop […]

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Cervical Spondylosis

Cervical Spondylosis is a degenerative disorder that is mostly age related and is also known as spinal osteo arthritis. People who are of age more than 60 are most affected by this. Spondylosis can affect cervical, thoracic, or lumbar regions of the spine. It is related with general wear and tear in the cervical spine. […]

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Food born illness, more commonly remarked as illness, is that the results of eating contaminated, spoiled, or toxic food the foremost common symptoms of malady include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea     SYMPTOMS: Abdominal cramps Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting Loss of appetite Mild fever Weakness Headache Diarrhea that lasts for over 3 days A fever beyond 102°f (38.9°c) […]

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Leucorrhea may be a condition where there are inflammation and discharge of the tissue layer located within the feminine genital tract. This discharge is noted because the white discharge. This condition can arise as a results of a pathological reason or thanks to the unhygienic conditions of the genital organs. the color and consistency of […]



WHAT IS FIBROMYALGIA? Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by chronic musculoskeletal pain associated with fatigue, stiffness, paresthesia , disturbed sleep and easy fatigability along with multiple painful tender joints. it may also cause memory and mood issues. it is also associated with sleep disturbance, anxiety and depression. CAUSES OF FIBROMAYALGIA: Cause of fibromyalgia is mainly […]



Underweight could be a condition when a human weight is a smaller amount than the quality weight for the person’s age and height. An underweight person includes a body mass index (BMI) below 18.5 An individual could also be underweight because of genetics, metabolism, drug use, disorder, serious illness or lack of food (due to […]



varicose veins is dilated, elongated, tortous and palpable superficial veins as a result of venous hypertension. it usually affects the saphenous veins of the legs . it develops from the loss of vulvar competence. most common cause of varicose vein is prolonged standing which increases the pressure in the veins of lower body. CAUSES: when […]

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Inflammation of the gastric mucosa of the stomach is gastritis. the mucosal lining of the stomach normally protects it from gastric acid action. it’s either acute or chronic type. indigestion, nausea and vomiting are some of the common symptoms of this disease. Incidence of this disease is highest in sixth and fifth decade of the […]

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Erysipelas might be a skin infection it is a type of cellulitis which affects deeper tissue Erysipelas only affects the upper layers of the skin. The most common cause is streptococcal bacteria, especially Streptococcus pyogenes. The affected an element of skin take touch. Erysipelas mostly affect the face, inflammation also involved legs almost 70- 80% […]

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Clouding of the clear lens of the eye leading to visual impairments is called cataract and it is very common as the person starts getting older. Clouding interferes within the normal functioning of the retina which results in vision problems. The retina converts  the rays that passes through lens into signals. It later on sends […]