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Azoospermia Infertility

Mrs Rakesh bapt, a 35years old male  patient consulted us through online consultation with the following complaints-

Chief complaints

Patient complaint of mood low sperm count, depression, Stress and infertility.  

Personal History

Appetite- Decreased

Bowel- normal 

Micturition- Normal

Sleep- Disturbed

History of Present illness

Patient consulted online regarding the above complaints, both husband and wife were initially advised to undergo the routine fertility tests. The wife’s cycle and hormonal analysis were normal, but the husband’s semen analysis revealed a case of Azoospermia and severe OAT. The male had very few motile sperms. Couple was  told that they had less than a 20% chance of successfully carrying a baby to term.  he was advised with some medicines for a month and after that when sperm count starts increasing , he was asked to take instant power for 2 months. after 4 months couple came and said they conceived. they were on seventh cloud . Their happiness was priceless.  Thanks to ayurveda!

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