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Backpain After Delivery

After delivery, the body is already going through many problems, in such a situation it is not easy to bear back pain. Taking care of the baby and yourself is also necessary at this time, but if you are having severe back pain and the above-mentioned home remedies are not working, then definitely consult a doctor.

If a pregnant woman has some medical problems or the internal position of the unborn baby is not suitable for natural birth, then most doctors recommend caesarean for childbirth. Although it keeps the baby safe, many women have severe lower back pain after surgery and stitches after a C-section. Although this pain is a result of the body returning to its former position after childbirth and the end of pregnancy, there are aspects that point to a specific medical cause.

What causes back pain after cesarean delivery?

Caesarean delivery is performed using an anesthesia. It is given through an injection into the woman’s spine. The spinal cord and its surrounding area in the body are highly sensitive. Anesthesia medication is injected through the skin, muscles, ligaments and nerves and after its effect wears off, pain occurs due to holes in the muscles of the body.

The effect of anesthesia injection is a slight leakage of cerebrospinal fluid, which causes severe pain in the neck and head in women, especially when sitting or getting up, and this pain subsides when lying down.

When does back pain start after C-section delivery?

As soon as the effect of the spinal anesthesia given after C-section wears off, women start experiencing back pain. This pain usually starts around 3-6 hours after the part of the body where the anesthesia was given starts to hurt. Headache and neck pain usually start 12 hours after delivery or 3-4 days after childbirth due to leakage of cerebrospinal fluid.

How long does back pain last after C-section?

As soon as the therapeutic process is completed, the pain starts after the effect of the given anesthesia in the spine wears off, which lasts from a few days to a few weeks. In some cases, this pain lasts for several weeks and even months. This pain occurs due to injection injury to the muscles present in the spinal cord and sometimes there is unbearable pain in the head and neck as well. In these cases, the doctor usually takes some blood from your body and injects the same blood into the body where the anesthesia was administered. This is called a ‘blood patch’ and it provides immediate relief in pain.

Which part of the back hurts after a C-section?

When it is decided that the woman will need to have a C-section for the delivery, preparations begin for the anesthetic injection. This injection is usually given in the first vertebral bone of the back, around the lower back. Women often experience severe lower back pain after the anesthesia wears off. Due to the leakage of fluid, not only pain is felt in the head and neck but also cramps are felt. Because of this, the back pain is felt quite intense once the effect of the anesthesia wears off. The pain is felt along with the headache and neck cramps due to the leakage of fluid.

How to get rid of pain after C-section?

With the onset of back pain, severe pain in the head and neck, to meet the challenges of nursing a baby and for her own physical health, every woman suffering wants to know how to treat back pain after C-section without medication. how to reduce it naturally

1. Warm bath

It is true that any type of physical problem can be cured with a warm water bath. Taking a bath with lukewarm water provides more relief in back pain and if a little salt is mixed in lukewarm water, it is an effective treatment for back pain as well as it provides physical energy.

2. Doing Simple Exercises

The problem of back pain can also arise due to physical changes before or after delivery. Some exercises help to eliminate the weaknesses of your body and make it strong from inside. Exercise called Pilates directly affects the abdominal muscles, so it is recommended to do it. But before starting exercise, do consult a doctor because doing some exercise can put your stitches at risk. Simple yoga or exercises help in making the body healthy from outside and calm from inside.

3. Correct Currency of Gold

Correct sleeping posture helps in recovering from back pain as well as labor pain. Make sure that your bed and pillow are even and soft, some mattresses also come with foam or gas inside, they can be molded to the shape of the body. Talk to your doctor for complete information about which type of mattress might be more beneficial for you and help you find relief.

4. Hot and Cold

Once a cold compress and once a hot compress, this type of back compress helps to relax the muscles and also increase blood flow to the afflicted area of ​​the body. Use heating pads and ice cubes to treat back pain.

When to contact the doctor?

Back pain after a C-section is quite common and goes away soon. However, in some cases other symptoms or increased pain are warranted for consultation with your doctor. Contact your doctor immediately with the following symptoms:

1. In extreme pain

If your back pain is increasing instead of decreasing with the passage of days, then check with a doctor and make sure that you do not have any other problems. If the pain subsides, there is no reason to worry.

2. During severe pain

If you are unable to tolerate the pain, and it starts to interfere with other aspects of your life, be sure to consult a doctor. They can diagnose any underlying cause and give you proper pain relief.

3. In case of fever

Fever can be a sign of some type of infection, which should be diagnosed and treated immediately. It can also point to allergies. The doctor can treat the infection before any further problems emerge.

4. When the foot becomes numb

If you feel numbness in one or both of your legs at any time, you should see a doctor. Even if you feel any kind of discomfort after a certain time, consult a doctor.

Back pain after C-section can cause a lot of problems for you due to which you will also find it difficult to take care of the baby. If your problem is more severe, then using natural methods to treat it or the procedure of blood patch can provide quick relief so that you can enjoy your journey of motherhood to the fullest.

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