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  • Living a longer life then eating a diet based on gender. 
  • Men and women require a different type of nutrients for their well bodies function. 
  • The difference between the male body and the female body is that the muscle mass in the male body is higher than females. 
  • Thus the foods rich in proteins are a must for men. 
  • The calorie intake of male also needs to be higher for their level of physical activity. 
  • They also need more protein, require certain additional vitamins and minerals because men experience unique risks for health issues like prostate cancer, heart disease, stroke and high cholesterol. 
  • There are many power foods that can protect body from disease and keep body strong and healthy for years to come.

The following foods men should include in their daily diet in order to get stronger:

  • Spinach – Spinach rich in folate also known blood flow booster.
    Folic acid plays role in male sexual function.
    Lower the folic acid levels linked with erectile dysfunction

  • Oysters – oyster contain more zinc than any other food.
    Low levels of zinc cause fertility and prostate disease.
    The human body does not store zinc naturally, so it is important to get enough zinc in daily diet or through supplementation.

  • Wild-Caught Salmon – Vitamin D deficiency may cause erectile dysfunction.
    Getting enough vitamin D may help minimize the risk for erectile dysfunction by reducing vascular damage caused by inflammation.

  • Walnuts – walnuts are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and phytochemicals, which may be good for brain health.
    These super nutrients help to ward off depression and maintain cognitive function.
    Walnuts reduce oxidative stress and inflammation that occur with aging.

  • Fruits and veggies – these are rich in fiber and contain phytonutrients that help to protect heart, fight off fatigue, and keep feeling good.
    Take half plate with fruits and vegetables at each meal.
    Reserve the other side for whole grains and beans and nuts, moderate amounts of fish and poultry, and the occasional grass-fed red meat and dairy. 

  • AlmondsLoaded with protein
    almonds are powerful snacks
    take at least 8 to 10 almonds every day. 

  • Soybeansrich in iron and calcium
    improve bone strength. 

  • TomatoesTomatoes are full of potassium, vitamin C and fiber and they keep heart healthy. 

  • Pistachiospistachios provide the necessary proteins.
    They are also known to be good for heart and lowering bad cholesterol. 

  • CabbageLoaded with vitamin k and decrease cholesterol
    add cabbage to dinner salad.

  • Oranges orange have high content of Vitamin B-9
    fresh orange juice improve blood flow in the body.
    Oranges are loaded with Vitamin C.

  • Sweet potatoesSweet potatoes boost immunity due to the high concentration of vitamin A.

  • Chickpeasit is rich in dietary fiber
    promote healthy digestion among men.
    Rich source of vitamin B6.
  • KiwiPacked with Vitamin C
    kiwi is essential for healthy blood flow
    also helps in fighting anxiety in men. 

  • Sunflower seedsSunflower seeds provide body Vitamin E that acts as an antioxidant.
    It fights disease-causing free radicals.

  • MustardMustard seeds help in weight loss due to the presence of high content of folates.
    Using mustard oil for cooking it is heart-friendly.

  • WatermelonWatermelons contain potassium
    boosting your energy levels.
    It is also rich in lycopene that provide color also reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

  • Cashewscashews are rich sources of magnesium that help in maintaining the muscles strength.

  • Lentilslentils rich with carbohydrates and proteins
    lentils provide energy required for day-to-day activities.

  • Cottage cheeseit contains casein protein
    enhancing muscle strength. 
  • Broccoli rich in vitamin C
    build immunity
    strengthens immune system. 

  • CoconutFilled with lauric acid
    coconut boost good cholesterol in the body

  • Garlic Garlic is rich in allicin which is antioxidant and anti-bacterial.
    It helps in boosting immunity
    lowering the risk of stroke.

  • Pumpkin  pumpkin helps to improve bone density
    provide bone strength due to the presence of zinc.
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