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Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition that cause extremely changes in moods , this moment a person can feel happy and excited while the next moment he may feel very low and depressed. It occurs in episodes and episode may occur once or multiple times in a year.


  • It can be genetic
  • It can also caused by underlying problem with balance of brain chemicals called neuro transmitters.
  • Family history


Most people have their first symptom during childhood while others may develop symptoms late in life. half of all the cases start before 25 years.

Mania and hypomania are two distinct kinds of episodes, but they need the identical symptoms. Mania is severe than hypo mania causing more difficulties in performing daily life activities. Mania may additionally trigger a chance from reality (psychosis) and need hospitalization.

Both a manic and a hypomanic episode include three or more of those symptoms

  • Abnormally upbeat, jumpy or wired
    • Increased activity, energy or agitation
    • Exaggerated sense of well-being and self-confidence (euphoria)
    • Decreased need for sleep
    • Unusual talkativeness
    • Racing thoughts
    • Distractibility
    • Poor decision-making — for instance, occurringbuying sprees, taking sexual risks or making foolish investments


A major depressive episode includes symptoms that are severe enough to cause noticeable difficulty in day-to-day activities, like work, school, social activities or relationships. An episode includes five or more of those symptoms:
• Depressed mood, like feeling sad, empty, hopeless or tearful (in children and teenagers, depressed mood can appear as irritability)
• Marked loss of interest or feeling no pleasure altogether — or the majority — activities
• Significant weight loss when not dieting, weight gain, or decrease or increase in appetite (in children, failure to achieve weight needless to say is an indication of depression)
• Either insomnia or sleeping an excessive amount of
• Either restlessness or slowed behavior
• Fatigue or loss of energy
• Feelings of worthlessness or excessive or inappropriate guilt
• Decreased ability to think or concentrate, or indecisiveness


  • Early age onset , most likely to develop before 25.
  • Episode lasts for 3-4 months atleast
  • A depressive episode may last for 4-6 months.
  • With treatment , manic attack symptoms can be managed within two weeks and depression within 6-8 weeks .




History of at least on manic episode followed by a hypo manic or depressive episodes.


History of at least one major depressive episode and at least one hypo manic episode but never had a manic episode.



History of at least two years or one year in children and teenagers  of many periods of hypomania symptoms and periods of depressive symptoms.



FISH OIL:  Fish oil contains omega 3 fatty acids which alters certain chemicals that is associated with mood changes thus fish oil supplements can help you reduce your mood swings and depression symptoms.

YOGA & MEDITATION :  Doing Yoga and meditation regularly helps you calm your mind and helps the person control their moods.

REGULATING  SLEEP PATTERNS :  In manic phase of bipolar disorder, a person may sleep very little but during a low phase , they may sleep a lot affecting their mood patterns. Getting Enough sleep is essential to manage moods.

DIET:  Having regular eating patterns and maintaing a healthy diet can help a lot in bipolar disorder.

MAGNESIUM: It helps in managing both manic and depressive episodes.



Chandigarh Ayurved Centre has its own OCD CARE KIT for natural and herbal treatment of  obsessive compulsive disorder.


Detox premium powder is composed of herbo-mineral preparation that contains ingredients such as moti pishti, shukta pishti, giloy satav, parwal pishti, kamdudha ras, akik pishti, gandhak rasayan, shankh bhasma, sutshekhar ras, shwet parpati, yavakshaar, & shudhyog tablet. These all ingredients in combination deal with the signs & symptoms related to Schizophrenia patients.

Recommended Dosage – Take 1 sachet twice daily with normal water.



INGREDIENTS: This syrup is prepared from the extract of various herbs that deal with the delusion, hallucination, disorganized behavior, lack of emotions, & inappropriate posture, etc.


  • The syrup is prepared from herbs such as Shankhpushpi, Brahmi, Jatamansi, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Saunf.
  • These herbs show antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immuno-modulator, & mind relaxant properties.
  • These properties show good results in schizophrenia patients.

Recommended Dosage – Take 2 teaspoonfuls twice daily.



INGREDIENTS: It is an amazing combination of natural herbs like Sarpgandha, Brahmi, Tagar, jatamansi. It helps to relieve stress conditions.


  • They help to pacify the nervous system and also help to increase mental and physical performance.
  • In Ayurveda when there is an imbalance of three energies i.e. Vata, pitta, and Kapha, it leads to disease. Vata has a sub dosha named prana doshas which regulates the sensory perception, brain, and mind.
  • Tarpak Kapha subtype of kapha, governs cerebrospinal fluid, sadhak pitta subtype of pitta doshas governs emotions and their impact on the heart. So any vitiation of these doshas leads to stress.
  • It act as Anti-depressant, relieves Insomnia, Anxiety, and helps in the sign and symptoms of Schizophrenia.

Recommended Dosage – Take 1 tablet twice a day with normal water.




Ingredients present in this churna are Amla (Emblica officinalis), Sonth (Zingiber officinale), Pippali (Piper longum), Marich (Piper nigrum), Haldi (Curcuma longa), Bala (Sida cordifolia), Suddha Gandhak, Lauha Bhasma.


  • This churna is pure Ayurvedic which helps to rejuvenate the brain cells, improves memory, give strength to the body, & increases the concentration by calming down the brain. It is prepared from herbs that show calming effect on brain and gives you relaxation.
  • Brain relaxant churna shows antioxidant, Neuroprotective, carminative and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to Maintain blood sugar level, Anti-depressant, Insomnia, Increase Haemoglobin levels, Cures indigestion, Helpful in Ulcerative colitis, and Nerve tonic.
  • It helps in dealing with health conditions such as feeling delusion, hallucinations, disordered thinking, disabling, & impair daily functioning related to schizophrenia patients.

Recommended Dosage – Take 1 tablespoon of this churna twice daily.



INGREDIENTS: It contains herbal ingredients Ghritkumari (Aloe barbadensis), Kali mirch (Piper nigrum), Giloy satav (Tinospora crdifolia), shudha kuchala, shudha shilajeet, shudha vatsnabh, shudh singraf

BENEFITS: These tablets shows Anti-bacterial, Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant, Analgesic and immune-modulator properties. It is beneficial for migraine, lower back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, stimulating nerves and appetite.

Recommended Dosage: Take 1 tablet twice daily with normal water.

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