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Leucorrhea may be a condition where there are inflammation and discharge of the tissue layer located within the feminine genital tract. This discharge is noted because the white discharge. This condition can arise as a results of a pathological reason or thanks to the unhygienic conditions of the genital organs. the color and consistency of […]

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Premenstrual syndrome is a group of physical ,emotional ,behavioral symptoms that occur prior to periods . It is different for different women . Some women feel  no pain to little discomfort , some experience extreme mood swings, irritability, craving  for sweet prior to periods, headaches, bloating , fatigue. WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS OF PMS ? […]

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Bacterial vaginosis is inflammation of vagina due to overgrowth of naturally found bacteria in it. It causes change in normal pH of vagina. It can affect women of any age group but women in their reproductive years are more commonly affected. Bacterial vaginosis doesn’t cause any major health issue. But it can cause problems in […]

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Amenorrhea Is the absence or abnormal cessation of the menses for at least 6 months or at least 3 of the previous three cycles intervals  . It is mainly of two types primary and secondary depends on the condition of the patient. It is affecting health of many girls and women these days . It […]

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What is vaginal itching? Vaginal itching is an uncomfortable and painful sensation that can be caused by infection, menopause or irritating substances. You may also experience vaginal itching due to certain skin disorders or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). If the itching persists and persists for more than a week, you should consult a dermatologist. You […]

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Healthy Food for female Health

WHAT IS HEALTHY EATING Healthy eating is a way that improves health and helps prevent disease.  Choosing different types of healthy food from fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, and proteins,  Eat Healthy not means to eating a lot of foods with added sugar, salt, saturated and Tran’s fats. Healthy eating means getting nutrients primarily from food rather […]

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The spots on the face can be a cause for concern. Because it reduces the beauty and attractiveness of your face. But there are many such things in our kitchen, which remove many skin problems. Ginger can also be used to remove dark spots. The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of ginger help in lightening the […]

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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a hormonal problem that occurs in women. Due to today’s modern lifestyle, women neither eat nor sleep on time nor are able to take care of their own health. For this reason, this problem is increasing and more than lakhs of women are affected by the problem of PCOD. What is […]

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What is leucorrhoea (white water)?  The problem of leucorrhoea or white discharge is common in women.  What is leucorrhoea ? The problem of leucorrhoea or white water is common in women. It is also called white discharge or white discharge. In leucorrhoea, a white, sticky thick fluid starts coming out of the private part of […]