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The spots on the face can be a cause for concern. Because it reduces the beauty and attractiveness of your face. But there are many such things in our kitchen, which remove many skin problems. Ginger can also be used to remove dark spots. The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of ginger help in lightening the blemishes naturally.

Reasons of Dark Spots: Dark spots i.e. dark spots appearing on the face not only spoil the beauty. Rather, they also indicate many health problems (Reasons of Dark Spots). Getting rid of dark spots is not easy. But, apart from some health problems, some habits and mistakes also cause dark spots. From the ultra-violet rays of the sun to the habit of plucking pimples also have a bad effect on the skin. Due to which, skin problems like dark spots can also occur. (Reason of Dark Spots)

Dark spots are also caused due to these reasons:


Dark spots can also occur due to excessive exposure to sunlight. Due to the ultraviolet rays of the sun, there is a lot of production of melanin. Which affect the color of the skin. Due to the high amount of melanin, dark spots appear on the face of people.

Black spots are black, brown or red colored spots that remain from the face to the hands and feet. They not only reduce your beauty, but also spoil the health of the skin, but it is possible to solve them in a short time sitting at home. You can get rid of dark spots only with the things kept in your kitchen. With their help, the dark spots will not only decrease, the skin will start glowing and will remain healthy.

Lemon juice

The acidity of lemon juice acts as a bleaching agent and evens out the different colors of the face. For this, apply lemon juice twice a day with a cotton ball. However, first test if your skin is sensitive to lemon juice.

Aloe vera

Apply aloe vera leaf on your face. It contains antioxidants which are good for your skin.


Cut potato slices and then place them on the mark. Wash off with lukewarm water after a few minutes. You can mix potato with honey and apply it on the face. This also reduces spots.

Aloe Vera Gel– Aloe vera gel is very helpful to remove dark spots. To use it, first apply aloe vera gel on the dark spot part of your face. Rub it for some time and then clean it. Repeat this process twice a day for a few weeks and your dark spots will disappear in no time.

Steam- Taking steam is beneficial for the skin in many ways. Taking steam opens the blocked pores of the skin, which is very beneficial in erasing dark spots. When the skin becomes easy to breathe, then the dark spots including pimples etc. also start ending. To get steam, boil water in a large pot or steamer. After the water boils, place the pot in front of your face and tilt your face down. Use a towel to hold the steam longer. After that clean the face with clean cotton.

Sandalwood Powder Paste- To make this, first take sandalwood powder in a bowl. After this, make a paste by mixing glycerin and rose water in it. If there is no rose water, honey or milk can also be added. Once the paste is ready, apply it on your face only once a day for a few minutes. Finally wash the face with clean water and repeat this process for a few days.

Honey- Eating too much sweet also causes dark spots. In such a situation, it would be better to use honey instead of using sugar. Honey is also helpful in eradicating dark spots. To remove dark spots, dip a cotton swab in honey and apply it on the dark spots and leave it for half an hour. After that wash the face with lukewarm water. You can also eliminate dark spots by trying this recipe.

Other remedies- Apart from these, you can apply fresh lemon juice on the face to remove dark spots. Cutting slices of raw potatoes and placing them directly on the dark spots for some time also eliminates dark spots. Apart from this, dark spots can also be erased with the use of turmeric and buttermilk.

Ayurvedic medicine for dark spots 

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