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Erectile Dysfunction And Decreased Libido

Parveen a 33 years old male patient consulted us through online consultation with following complaints:

Chief Complaints

Patient complaint of indigestion, weakness, fatigue, erectile dysfunction and decreased libido.

Personal History



Micturition normal


History of Present illness

Mr. Parveen is a 33-year-old investment banker who developed erectile dysfunction (ED) and decreased libido over a period of several months. Initially, he visited his family physician, who told him he was too young and healthy to be suffering from a serious medical condition, advising him to reduce stress at work and give some kind of medicines, but he got temporary relief from that medicines. Then he saw CAC advertisement on facebook regarding this issue and concern through online consultation. After taking Instant Men Power tablet he feels so energetic it really worked, within one week his issues started to get resolved. Now he wanted to continue his medication till proper cure. 

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