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Hormonal Imbalance

Mr. Kushal Kumar, a 35years old male patient shared his story with us after taking Instant Men Power for 3months.

Chief complaints

Patient complaint of erectile dysfunction, indigestion, sudden weight gain

Personal History

Appetite – Decreased

Bowel – Constipated

Micturition – Normal

Sleep – Disturbed

History of Present illness

Patient was asymptomatic 2years back; gradually he noticed a sudden weight gain and digestive issues like indigestion, constipation. He also had a history of erectile dysfunction and mood swings.

He had consulted many Gastrologist and sexologist doctors regarding the above problem but still got no relief. 

One day while surfing on the internet he found CAC Instant Men Power Tablet and read tablet review and decided to buy it. He stated that “I want something natural and safe product.”

Now, he is happy about his decision and got relief from the above issue and still using it as herbal supplement for betterment of health.

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