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How to increase immunity in women

With increasing age, taking care of health becomes even more important. After the age of 40, there are many changes in the body of women, which directly affects their health.

A nutritious diet is very important to make the body healthy and increase immunity. There are many such ingredients in the Indian kitchen which are a storehouse of nutrition. Women should include some such things in their diet daily, which can be consumed by being healthy.

Women have to work harder than men to stay mentally and physically fit. We are going to tell you about such superfoods, which women can keep themselves physically and mentally fit by including them in their daily diet.


Women need to take more care of their body than men. Because with increasing age, the body of women starts getting weak from inside. Along with this, the metabolic system and muscles also start weakening. It is very difficult to find time in a busy life. In such a situation, many women are not able to take proper care of their body. Women’s body undergoes rapid changes after the age of 40. Many women also have menopause in this age. Due to which there are many problems including sudden weight gain, mood swings. For this, women should pay special attention to their food and drink. When the body becomes weak from inside, various diseases start occurring. When we will tell you about some such food which will be good for your health by including it in the diet.

Citrus fruits keep many diseases away

All fruits are good for health. But, anti-oxidants are found in citrus fruits. The fiber, vitamin C and all kinds of nutrients present in them are very beneficial for our brain. Women in middle age often have problems with obesity and heart disease. Consumption of citrus fruits is very beneficial in these diseases.

Egg fulfills the lack of protein

It is necessary to have plenty of vitamin-D and iron in the body. However, most women are deficient in both these nutrients. Eggs are considered beneficial for the health of women. It is rich in protein, vitamin-D and iron. Which is very helpful in reducing cholesterol level and reducing the risk of heart disease. The high protein content and the lack of carbohydrates or sugar make eggs the best food for women.


Eyesight will be better by eating carrots

Carrots are rich in Vitamin A. Along with immunity, it is also beneficial for our skin and eyes. The fiber and special ingredients present in it also eliminate the problem of dark spots, wrinkles and acne from our face.

This ayurvedic drink made from barley will be helpful in reducing weight, belly fat will disappear in a few days

Yogurt is helpful in increasing immunity

Yogurt is rich in calcium and vitamin B-12. In addition, a lot of protein is also found in it. These elements are beneficial for our body in many ways. Therefore, it is a great food to increase immunity.


Don’t forget to eat an apple everyday

Eating an apple every morning is a must for people of all ages. Due to this, the human body stays away from all the diseases related to the stomach. Including apples in the daily diet also reduces the risk of heart diseases. The most important thing is that apple can work as an immunity booster for us.

Let us tell you that chia seeds, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and magnesium, keep your bones strong. Your body also gets plant-based protein from them. These can be included in the morning diet. If you want, you can also eat them with oatmeal, which increases the nutritional value. This will help in boosting your immunity.


Everyone should eat green vegetables. Although all green vegetables are full of nutrients, but spinach is a treasure trove of nutrients. Spinach contains lutein, which has all the anti-aging properties. Apart from the skin, spinach is also very good for our hair. If you want to keep your skin glowing and youthful, then start eating spinach from today itself.


Lentils are very good for your health. It has been revealed in a research that by eating a bowl of pulses daily, about 30 percent of the supply of iron is supplied. Therefore, for good health, definitely include lentils in your diet.


Anti-cancer antioxidants are found in mushrooms. A research has revealed that eating a bowl of mushrooms daily can reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Dark chocolate

Every woman likes to eat chocolate. Also, by eating dark chocolate, the body gets the ability to fight diseases. Therefore, include dark chocolate in your daily diet. Along with health, dark chocolate also reduces stress.

Milk and yogurt

Milk products contain calcium, magnesium, potassium, thiamin, riboflavin, folate, vitamin A and vitamin D. Milk is beneficial for maintaining healthy bones and teeth and preventing osteoporosis. Yogurt is a natural probiotic and helps in keeping the gut healthy. Therefore women should include them in their diet.

To stay healthy, you should plan your diet. To take a healthy diet, divide the plate into 4 parts. One-fourth portion should consist of cereals rich in carbohydrates, seasonal vegetables in the second, protein food in the third and vegetables eaten as perennial salads, seasonal fruits and milk products in the fourth portion.

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