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Mrs Sia Sharma, a 50 year old female shared her story of sleeplessness with us after Instant Women Power. 

Chief Complaints

Patient complained of difficulty in sleeping and feeling of daytime tiredness. 

Personal History

Appetite- Normal

Bowel- Normal

Bladder- Normal

Sleep- Disturbed

History of Present illness

Patient was asymptomatic 2years back but after that gradually due to her stressful life and responsibilities of home and workplace she found difficult to sleep during night hours. Thousands of thoughts surrounds her head and also used to feel tired after waking up. She also took sleeping pills to fall asleep but was also afraid of its side-effects. One day she was surfing on internet and found “CAC INSTANT WOMEN POWER TABLET”. She then ordered it for getting rid of insomnia. After taking this medicine, she is now able to have a good night sleep and energy level also raised.

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