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Menopausal Women

Mrs Jasdeep kaur, a 48 year old female shared her experience after intake of Instant women Power

Chief complaints

Patient had the following complaints- Night sweats, Sleep problems, Decreased Appetite, Hot flushes, mood swings.

Personal History

Appetite- decreased

Bowel- Constipated

Bladder- Normal

Sleep- Disturbed

According to the patient, she was always a full of energy and easy-going person, gradually with time she began to feel different and experience hot flushes, night sweats and used to feel tired. She also had frequent mood swings and was fed up of all these problems. Then while surfing in the internet she decided to buy the CAC Instant Women Power tablet as it is made up of natural herbs and has no side effects.

Then she noticed a drastic change in her life, she started to feel energetic as she was before and also noticed improved quality of sleep. Gradually, she got relief from all the above symptoms and still consuming it for general health and wellness.

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