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Mrs Sunaina – Patient Story

Mrs Sunaina, a 38 years old female patient came to visit our OPD with the following complaints-

Chief complaints

Patient complaint of generalized weakness, fatigue, heaviness in head and indigestion from 7months.

Personal History

Appetite- Decreased

Bowel – Irregular bowel habit

Micturition – Normal

Sleep – Disturbed

History of Present illness

Patient came to the OPD with the above complaints; general appearance of the patient was pale and dull. She tried many home remedies and general supplements for getting energized but was getting no results.

She also took allopathic medications for the above problem but problem got aggravated more, after that she got heaviness in head and digestive issues.

Finally she decided to buy Instant Women Power and she started getting relief in short duration of time. After taking the medicine on the first day she noticed that her appetite is improving, on the next day she felt bowel being regularized and noticed various changes in the mood. Before she used to get tired in a single task but now energy level have raised and also the dull face changes into a glowing face. The issue of heaviness in head had got resolved in a short duration of time.

She got relief from these symptoms in a week of intake and still continuing it for betterment of body and mind.

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