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Ovarian Cyst

Mrs Asees Kaur, a 32 years old female patient consulted us through online consultation with the following complaints-

Chief Complaints 

cramping and unbearable pain during menstruation, Fatigue, pain in lower pelvic area, backache.

Personal History

Appetite- Normal

Bowel- Normal

Micturition- Normal

Sleep- Disturbed

History of Present Illness

Patient was asymptomatic 1year back but gradually started to feel pain in lower pelvic region in right side and had a history of painful menstruation. She felt unbearable painful cramps in lower belly area. She consulted many gynecologists for the above problem. She took allopathic  medicines such as meftal-Spas but only got relief for some time. Then after online consultation with Chandigarh Ayurveda Centre, she purchased Instant Women Power Tablet for 3 months. In the first month, she started to feel energetic and felt better than before and gradually she had got relief from the pain during menstruation. As the tablet is enriched with essential Vitamins and mineral so she decided to take it as a dietary supplement.

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