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Patient Story

Mr. Suraj Kakkar, 35 years old male patient consulted Chandigarh Ayurved Center through online consultation with followings complaints:

Chief Complaints

Patient’s complaint of body weakness, loss of physical interest, lazyness, stress and enable to do day to day work. 

Personal History

Appetite – Normal

Bowel – Sometime Disturbed

Micturition – Normal

Sleep – Disturbed 

History of Present illness

Patient consulted online regarding the above issue, he also complained of disturbed daily routine works and having behavioral changes since 3 months. He felt upset because of his behavior and body response. He consulted many allopathic hospitals and history of taking some allopathic medicines to overcome his weakness and behavioral changes. But after taking those medication he felt no result, his condition remain same after stop the medication. Now he want safe and natural herbal medicines that give him instant energy or be as he was. He want CAC Instant Men Power for trial basis. He really thankful about the results he seen after taking this tablet for 15 days. Because of CAC Instant Men Power tablet he feel more energetic, happy and do every daily tasks or work with happy mood. Now he wanted to continue the course of this tablet for complete cure. He also able to concentrate better with normal sleep and better bowl movements. He is completed satisfied with our treatment and medication.

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