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Post Covid Care

Miss Aarvi Sharma, a 25years old female patient shared her story with us after taking Instant Women Power.

Chief complaints

Patient complaint of indigestion, weakness, fatigue and body ache.

Personal History

Appetite- Decreased

Bowel- constipated

Micturition– normal

Sleep- Disturbed

History of Present illness

Myself Aarvi, I was easy going person and I tested for Covid 19 on 5th December 2020. After my recovery from COVID-19, still used to feel fatigue and also having low energy levels. After that I encountered many digestive issues like constipation and indigestion. 

Then one day while surfing on internet she decided to buy Instant women Power tablet for Post Covid care and increasing immunity levels.

It really worked, within one week digestive issues started to get resolved and by the stating of second week she felt improvement in mood and got energetic.

After taking Instant women power for 2months she noticed relief in body ache and sleep quality also got improved.

She stated that- “I am very happy as my issues got resolved and now I want to have it as a dietary supplement”.

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