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  • Schizophrenia is a serious mental illness this disease mostly occurs in childhood or adolescence.
  • Schizophrenia patients mostly complain of delusions and scary visions. Many other problems can also happen to the patient of this disease.
  • A patient of schizophrenia may have to struggle for life even in battling this disease. Schizophrenia is considered the most dangerous problem among mental diseases. A person with schizophrenia can easily become frustrated with life. And sometimes the patient also has a strong desire to commit suicide
  • 1% of the world’s population is suffering from schizophrenia. Whereas in India the number of patients of this disease is around 40 lakhs
  • Most people with schizophrenia are between the ages of 16 and 30. Men can get this disease at a younger age than women. In most of the cases, the patient is not even aware of having contracted this disease. However, in some cases, the patient goes deeper and soon after becoming a victim of schizophrenia.


  • Delusions: The patient starts having false beliefs. This belief can take many forms such as Delusions of Persecution or Delusions the patient may also feel that others are trying to make them dance on their own gestures or they may even realize that they have divine powers some cases, schizophrenia patients have also been seen to be victims of various personality disorders It is very common for these disorders to show mainly signs of borderline personality or historionic personality.
  •  Hallucinations: A patient of schizophrenia hears strange sounds. They see and feel things that are not actually there. Apart from this, in many cases, they complain of feeling the taste and aroma of things which are not there at all. However, psychiatrists have a long list of bizarre experiences that schizophrenia patients have. The biggest problem with a patient with illusion is that, he is not ready to believe that what he is seeing or hearing is not real. He feels that people are forcibly trying to misjudge him Because he is also seeing or listening to the unreal thing standing in front of him
  • Thought Disorder: The thinking ability of a patient of schizophrenia is also affected due to this disease. The patient may start talking on some other topic without any logical reason while talking. Sometimes these changes are so much that the listener gets annoyed.


  • Lack of Motivation: In a patient of schizophrenia, the desire to do anything is lost. The patient starts postponing even the daily essentials like washing clothes and cooking food.
  • Poor Expression of Emotions: Schizophrenia patients often do not feel the difference between happiness and sadness. He remains mostly indifferent or neutral to these feelings.
  • Social Withdrawal: When a schizophrenia patient isolates himself socially. He often feels that someone wants to harm or kill him
  • Unawareness of Illness: The elusive visions and delusions seen by a patient with schizophrenia are so real that they cannot even believe that they are sick. They also stop taking medicines for fear of side effects. They may also fear that they may be poisoned instead of drugs.


  • Genetic Inheritance: If no member of your family has ever had a complaint of schizophrenia, then the chances of a normal person getting this disease are less than 1 percent. However, if one’s parents get this disease, then the risk of developing schizophrenia in the child increases by 10 percent.
  • Due to Chemical Imbalance In The Brain: Experts believe that a neuro transmitter is found in the brain, called dopamine. If there is an imbalance in dopamine, schizophrenia can occur. Other neurotransmitters such as serotonin may also be involved.
  • Because of Family Relationships: So far, no such evidence has been found that it can be known that someone has schizophrenia due to family relationships. However, some patients have definitely told that their problem gets aggravated due to tension in the family.
  • Environmental Factors: Although no direct evidence of this has been found by experts. But many experts believe that if the mother is under stress or has had a viral infection before the birth of the child, then the chances of developing schizophrenia in the child increase. But there is a difference of opinion among experts on this fact and research is going on on this.
  • Stressful Experiences: Sometimes the symptoms of schizophrenia can also appear due to stressful experiences. In fact, in most cases, people develop bad behavior, restlessness, and problems concentrating before the true symptoms of schizophrenia appear. Due to this, other problems like relationship problems, divorce and unemployment start happening in the life of a person.
  • Drug Induced Schizophrenia: Sometimes a person can also get schizophrenia due to the use of drugs. Of these drugs, addicts of marijuana and LSD have the highest risk of developing schizophrenia



  • DETOX PREMIUM POWDER : This is the powder that contains special bhasmas which remove all the toxins from the body naturally. The powder is consisting of ingredients such as shankh bhasma, akik pishti, parwal pishti, Jahar mohra, Giloy satv, Moti pishti, etc. This medicine relieves confusion, anxiety, and provides the mind free from toxins

    Recommended Dosage – Take 1 sachet twice daily with normal water


  • BRAHMI CAPSULES : Brahmi is a very effective herb that provide strength to the brain and cures all the mental problems. It increases certain brain chemicals that are involved in thinking, learning, and memory and also boosts longevity and improves mental function.

    Recommended Dosage – Take 1 capsule twice daily with normal water.


  • BRODLEY SYRUP : Brodley syrup is the best anti-depressant herbal remedy that relieves from any kind of anxiety, depression, hallucinations. The herbal syrup contains Yashti madhu, Dhania, Jatamasi, Ashwagandha, etc. This syrup helps to prevent cognitive impairment and age-related dementia and is very beneficial to improve learning skills, memory retention, and motor functions.

    Recommended Dosage – Take 2 teaspoon twice daily


  • MANASMARITA GUTIKA : This is the best medicine that is very beneficial to overcome the stress, anxiety, psychosomatic diseases etc. Each tablet is consisting of ingredients like Shankhpushpi, Nagabala, Parwal pishti, Bilva, etc. The tablet relieves mental fatigue, improves concentration, imparts good sleep, etc.

    Recommended Dosage – Take 2 tablets twice daily with milk or normal water


  • MADNANAND MODAK : Madnanand modak is herbo-mineral ayurvedic formulation that is very beneficial to improve the disability of the brain. The churna is consisting of ingredients like Amla, Kala jeera, Haldi, Elaichi, Bala, Shatavari, Tejpatra, etc. It balances Vata dosha and increases the immunity of an individual.

    Recommended Dosage – Take ½ teaspoonfuls twice daily with milk or normal water.

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