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Stress and Anxiety

Mr. Rohan, a 32 years old male patient contacted us through online consultation with the following complaints-

Chief complaints

patient complaints of behavioral changes, stress and anxiety.

Personal history

Appetite– decreased

Bowel– constipated

Sleep– disturbed

Micturition– normal 

History of present illness

Patient consulted online regarding the above complaints, he complained of behavioral changers like losing control in anger or having difficulty in relaxing and quieting his mind. He felt nervous, restless because of the disturbed sleep.

On inquiry, he further told that he also feels fatigued. Bowel habits were irregular and often constipated. He consulted many allopathic hospitals and had a history of taking anti-depressant but after taking those medicines, he only got temporary relief.

He decided to buy CAC INSTANT MEN POWER tablet and shared this story 1 month after consumption of this medicine. Now he is really very thankful that because of instant men power he is able to get better quality of sleep, feeling more energetic and mood swings problems is reduced. In addition, he is now able to concentrate better and found improvement in digestion.

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