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Stress & Anxiety

Miss Kirti, a 30years old female patient shared her review after intake of CAC Instant women Power.

Chief complaints

Patient had the following complaints- heaviness in head, stress and anxiety.

Personal History



Micturition- Normal

Sleep- Disturbed

History of Present illness

Patient was asymptomatic 8months back gradually she used to feel heaviness in head and trouble in sleeping.

She also noticed body aches and decreased appetite, also she started losing control in anger or having difficulty in relaxing and quieting her mind.

Bowel habits were irregular and often constipated. She consulted in many allopathic hospitals and had a history of taking anti-depressants. But after taking those medicines, she only got temporary relief.

She decided to buy CAC Instant women power and shared this story 1month after consumption of this medicine.

Now she is really very thankful that because of Instant women power she is able to get better quality of sleep, feeling more energetic. In addition, she found improvement in digestion. She decided to buy it further for general health and wellness.

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