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What is Azoospermia? How to Treat it with Ayurvedic Medicines?

DESCRIPTION Azoospermia is the medical term used when the semen contain no sperm during ejaculation. It can be “obstructive” and non-obstructive, obstructive means there is a blockage that preventing sperm from entering the ejaculate, or “non-obstructive” means decreased sperm production by the testis. It is associated with male infertility.  It happens approx 1% of all […]

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DESCRIPTION  Varicocele – enlarged veins within the scrotum. It is not like varicose veins that appear in the legs.  It occurs in about one in six males more common in younger males, ages 15-25.  It is usually harmless not associated always with infertility problems by contributing to low sperm production and decreased sperm quality.  Approximately […]


Nightfall / Nocturnal Emission / Wet Dream

DESCRIPTION Nightfall in men means emission of sperms at night during sleeping. Doctors also call this nocturnal emissions which means sperm emissions at night. During nightfall condition men ejaculate in sleeping hours usually early hours of the morning or late night. It primarily occurs in teenage boys going through the peak of their hormonal changes […]