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What is Stress? Types, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Stress or stress can happen to any person.

While on one hand, some people emerge easily from it, on the other hand, there are some people for whom stress proves to be a dangerous disease.

The number of people suffering from this is increasing worldwide, including India, most of whom also commit suicide.

According to the report published in The Economics Times, about 80 percent of people in India are stressed, most of whom refrain from talking to a specialist.

This is a really serious situation that needs attention, so we decided to write this article so that people can get the necessary information related to it.

What is stress ?

Stress means feeling physically and emotionally anxious.

This feeling can come from any such event or thought that makes a person feel frustrated, angry or nervous.

Stress is primarily a human-body response in a challenging or difficult time.

However, being stressed for a short period of time is a positive thing, which gives a person the power to do a work seriously, but when it exceeds a limit, it can affect the health, life, aspects of the person. Does matter.

What is the type of stress?

There are mainly 3 types of stress, which are as follows-

Acute Stress- The common form or type of stress is called acute stress.

It mainly occurs before a work is done, which motivates a person to adopt a positive or serious attitude.

Epidic acute stress – This is called the next level of acute stress. When a person has acute stress repeatedly, it is called episodic acute stress.

Chronic Stress – When the acute stress is not far away and lasts for a long time, the condition is called chronic stress in medical language.

This condition can prove to be harmful for any person, as it can make him a victim of very serious diseases like heart attack, depression, cancer etc.

What can be the symptoms of stress?

Stress or stress can occur to any person, as explained above.

Also, like any other disease, stress also has some symptoms, which indicate its onset.

Thus, if a person sees these 5 symptoms in his body, he should immediately meet a psychologist and check his health-

  • Feeling of weakness – The main symptom of stress is feeling weak.
  • When a person is stressed, he does not mind eating anything, the effect of which can be seen in his body.
  • Headache- Since stress is a mental disease, it affects the most important part of human body i.e. the brain.
  • Thus, people with stress often complain of having a headache.
  • Sleeplessness- If a person has problems with sleep, then he should not ignore it.
  • He should inform his doctor as soon as possible as it can be a symptom of stress.
  • Abdominal pain – Often, stress begins with common problems such as abdominal pain.
  • Therefore, if people start having bad stomach then they should check their health properly as it can be a symptom of stress.
  • Muscle ache- Another symptom of tension is muscle ache. In such a situation, seeking medical help can prove to be a better option so that the situation can be controlled in time.

Causes of stress

Although the exact cause of stress has not yet been identified, studies on this problem so far have shown that stress can be caused by a large number of causes.

In addition, the possible causes of stress are as follows:

  • Death of a loved one- It is the greatest sorrow for any person to lose a loved one.
  • On the one hand, some people emerge from this misery after a short time, while for some people to seek medical help to emerge from it.
  • Divorce – Another reason for stress is divorce.
  • When two people are separated, it falls on them as well as their family members, which takes the form of a stress-like problem.
  • Loss of job- If a person is left with a livelihood or a job, then the chances of getting stressed are increased to a great extent.

Thus, stress can also result in lost job.

  • Do not be happy in the job – We all dream of a favorite job.
  • While on one hand, some people are successful in achieving this goal, on the other hand, there are some people who do not get this happiness.
  • In such a situation, they become victims of stress.
  • Family troubles – Apart from professional life, stress can also be a personal reason.
  • If there are constant fights in the family of the people, then members of that family can become a victim of stress.

How to treat stress?

Of course, a lot of people have to face a lot of problems due to stress.

Despite this, it is a matter of relief that stress, like any other disease, is also possible, by which they can live their life happily.

Therefore, if a person is suffering from stress, then he can get his treatment in these 5 ways-

Adopt home prescriptions- The easiest way to treat stress is to adopt home remedies.

For this, methods of exercising, eating nutritious food, spending time with family etc. can be adopted.

Taking medicine- Often, treatment of stress is also possible through medication.

These medicines are helpful in preventing stress from increasing as well as reducing it.

Consuming supplements- Although supplements are considered to be harmful for health, if consumed in sufficient quantity, it can be helpful in treating many diseases.

This thing also applies to stress, so stress can be treated using supplements.

Doing Yoga- Since stress directly affects a person’s brain, it can be treated by yoga.

Meditation can be a better option in this situation, which works to calm the mind of people suffering from stress.

Seeing a psychologist – If stress is not treated in any way, then the only option left is to meet a psychologist.

Psychologists can try to overcome stress by talking to people suffering from stress.

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What are the possible risks of not treating stress?

However, by treating stress, a person can live his life again happily.

Despite this, the sad fact is that due to lack of awareness of stress or stress, stressed people are unable to get treatment at the right time.

For this reason, they face the following dangers –

Acid peptic disease – stress treatment can have an effect on other parts of the body.

Due to this, people are more likely to get many diseases, including acid peptic disease, which in common language is called gas.

Drug addiction – The condition of people suffering from stress worsens day by day.

Because of this they may be addicted to drugs such as alcohol or smoking.

Weight gain- A person suffering from stress is not conscious of anything, due to which he becomes a victim of irregular eating or laziness.

Therefore, his weight can increase rapidly, which can prove fatal for him.

Heart diseases – As explained above, stress can cause many serious diseases.

Thus, if stress is not corrected in time, it can also cause heart attack.

Disturbing the mental balance- Stress affects the physical health of the person as well as mental health.

For this reason, his mental balance may deteriorate, which may require medical help.

How to prevent stress?

Taking more stress can prove to be very harmful for any person, which affects them as well as their loved ones.

Despite this, it is a matter of relief that if he takes a little care, he can easily prevent stress.

Therefore, if a person adopts these 5 methods, then he can easily protect himself from stress.

Keep positive thinking- We all have problems in our lives.

For this reason, we should face them strongly and always keep positive thinking.

This is also seen in the condition of stress, so keeping positive thinking can be effective remedy in stress prevention.

Accepting your weaknesses – It is important to recognize your strengths as much as it is necessary to accept your weaknesses.

By doing this, we can work better and avoid problems like stress.

Yoga or Exercise- If a person does Yoga or Exercise everyday, then he is less likely to have problems like stress.

Thus, performing these activities may be beneficial in the prevention of stress.

Adopt healthy diet – It is believed that the effect of our food will be very deep on our health.

This thing also applies to stress, so we should adopt healthy diet so that our brain can be successful in controlling stress.

Spending maximum time with friends or family – Stress-related mental illnesses are mainly the result of loneliness.

For this reason, we should spend more and more time with our friends or family so that negative thoughts do not come in our mind.

The bitter truth of our society is that mental illness is not given due attention here, but it is considered as a joke by saying Bhram or drama.

Because of this attitude, a lot of people have to go through unbearable suffering.

It is also seen with stress or tension and it is seen by associating with the weakness of the person.

Despite this, it is a matter of relief that this picture is changing to a great extent right now, an attempt is being made to raise awareness about stress among people globally.

For this reason, every year on 2 November – 6 November the world

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